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This is where we reply to the questions we receive on bicycle touring in Australia.

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  1. I sent mail, but did not recieve a reply, why?
  2. How big is Australia?
  3. Does Bicycle Australia run rides?
  4. Can Bicycle Australia recommend a commercial tour?
  5. What are services like in Australia?
  6. Next Question?
  7. Will Bicycle Australia answer other questions?
  8. Contributors To This Paper

I sent you mail but didn't get a reply, why?

The short answer is because it costs us resources for no return.

Bicycle Australia does not sell anything, we simply make information available. To reply to mail (snail, emal, fax, pidgeon, etc) costs time, resources and money. All of which are in very short supply. So don't take it personally, we do it to everyone.

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How big is Australia?

We find this question funny, because Australians receive a world class education that includes world awareness and mostly this most common question comes from nationalities that should be equally world aware.

Australia is either the largest island, so it is bigger than Greenland, or it is the smallest continent. In short, it is as big as mainland USA and as big Europe (western half I guess).

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Does Bicycle Australia run rides?

Bicycle Australia no longer runs any organised rides. Our last organised ride was run in 1988 and since them our team has decided that all effort will be put into developing and maintaining the route guides.

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Can Bicycle Australia recommend any commercial rides?

NO! From time to time, there are some companies that can provide quality rides, but these come and go. Mainly Bicycle Australia does not have the resources to vet any company or service so as to recommend it. We urge normal caution and recomend asking around to find out other peoples experiences with companies and personnel. As well as the company, you should also enquire as the ther personnel involved as their experience, skill and motivation can be a mjaor factor in an trip.

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Next Question?

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What are services like in Australia?

This question is a bit like "how long is a piece of string". Remember how big Australia is? Well, if you want a detailed answer, Lonely Planet and Frommer put out good guides to services in Australia.

To understand why it is so, you need to understand that the total population of Australia is just over 17 million people. Most of these live in the capital city of each state. The next most populous areas are the eastern and south western seaboards. Population density per state from highest to lowest is Victoria, New South Wales, eastern Queensland and south eastern South Australia, with Tasmania in there somewhere. In other places, services are very sparse.

So if you are planning on cycling 50kms/day and want a five star motel each night, you had better stick to the capital cities. The rest of the country is really a campers paradise, with the occassional night in a motel. However, you will find good strips of quaint pub accommodation in larger towns or on-site caravans in tourist areas.

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Will Bicycle Australia answer questions?

Yes, if you mail (snail, email or fax , but definitely not pidgeon post - the cats eat everything) a question to us and we think it is general interest then we may put the question and answer on this page.

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