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Here are some useful links for bicycle touring in Australia. Our preference is for Australian based, bicycle related, touring related WWW sources. A tour is a ride greater than two days. But we list some other sources for general convenience.

Kindred Organisations/Spirits

Regional Bicycle Touring Groups

These groups have regular rides and tours longer than an weekend.

Bike Touring Resources on the WWW for Australia

We are definitely seeking more of these.

Urban Direct Advocacy - Critical Mass

Off Road and Bush Track Bicycle Touring In Australia

Much of the WWW resources are just description of paddock bashing. We are current searching for some decent touring sites.

State General Cycling Bodies Bodies

These bodies tend to organise rides and tours. Some may have a library that can be researched for ride and route information.

Other Bicycle Groups In Australia

These are primarily non-touring, they are non-competitive, and non-commercial.

Industry and Miscellaneous Links

Competitive Bicycling Groups In Australia
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