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What is Friends Of Smiths Creek

Friends Of Smiths Creek (FSC) is a volunteer bush regeneration group carrying out bush regeneration activites in Smiths Creek Reserve, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.

Bush Regeneration was developed in Australia in the 1970's and is different to revegetation and rehabilitation activites often carried out on mining sites, vacant land, denuded and eroded beaches and other places.

Bush Regeneration can be simply described as bush weeding to gently remove invasive plants from border areas of good bushland so that good bushland can recover invaded areas.

What does FSC actually do?

Currently, we have three groups that each meet once a month to carry out bush regeneration activities. This years program of work days is here.

From time to time we also have guided walks and training days.

FSC Photographic Library

Friends of Smiths Creek now has available a series photographic images of our various activites for people to view. They are HERE <- click on here to go to the library.

Photographs of Smiths Creek Reserve

A series of photographs of Smiths Creek Reserve have also been made available under the Campbelltown Natural Environment pages.

Koalas in Smiths Creek Reserve

Over the ten years (till July 2001) that Friends of Smiths Creek has been working, there are four known instances of Koalas visiting the reserve. This page gives details.

As time permits, further information will be added to these pages.

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