Farewell Linux


Today, after 13 years of "using" Linux and having slightly recovered from yet another "windows moment" on my main Linux desktop, I decided it was time to pull my pages in support of Linux.

13 years ago, I set out to replace Microsoft windows operating system and applications with "Linux" on my computers. It has been a failure. I had a simple requirement that I could use Linux and replace as much of my windows based applications as possible. It hasn't occurred. I still run MS windows machines and I am forced to spend far too much time being a Linux system administrator.

Neither have the Linux applications been forth coming and useful. I started to realise a couple of years ago, that the applications I found useful were actually Unix applications, i.e applications that had their roots in unix.

Further, I was still using a lot of applications from my Microsoft windows computers to do simple work. Frankly, it was easier and faster and has remained that way for quite a few needs.

When you maintain a string of old computer to keep various versions of the Microsoft windows operating system available to run certain applications, but have no such systems for Linux, it has to tell you something.

The killer was last night when I finally found yet another unix application that if I combined with an old MS windows application, allowed me to do yet another long sort after task. Put this beside the fact that my recently completely re-installed Linux system would no longer print from my browser because changes had forced some "new" printing systems on me was the last limit.

Hence, I decided that I can no longer encourage people to install Linux desktops and have pulled my pages.

Why didn't I write my own application? Because I came to USE Linux. Over 30 years ago, I discovered the joy of programming applications and relished the challenges, but you do not waste your efforts building on the shifting sands that are Linux and its butchered applications.

I've put my bit into the community with LUGs, Fests, etc, but the enjoyment of Linux has faded to be replaced by a blancmange of frustration. Now it is time to turn my efforts to the things I continue to enjoy in life.