Geneological Index for Terry Collins

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The purpose of these pages are to make contact with people sharing common ancestors to exchange information, to help each other trace our family tree(s), and to make and maintain contact.
There are various bits here of various ages. The online database was last updated on 20/07/2001. The other pages were created around 30/12/1999. What is here is listed below.
  • Database - this is a GeneWeb online database
  • Lists - are simply lists of People.
  • Fans - are a layout which starts with myself in the middle with paternal side upwards and maternal side downwards.
  • Lines - are a traditional layout from oldest ancestor of that name.

Miscellaneous Pages


This online database was last updated on the 20/07/2001 and now has information on 1,652 people. Every so often, I transfer information from my family tree database to this webpage database. The database only displays full information (dates) on people older than 100 years. Additions and updates are very much welcome.

If you want to search the database, please email a request for it to be started.




These are a traditional layout from the oldest ancestor of that name, until they merge into the COLLINS line chart Some people find these easier to follow.


This page is a new one that I am putting together of geneological links. These include places I visit for my research, general geneological places and things like geneological computer programs.

Contact Information

Internet Email:Terry Collins
Snail: 29 Darwin Road, Campbelltown, NSW, 2560, Australia
Telephone: (02) 4-6-2-7-3-5-8-1