Pedigree of Terry Collins

I have rehashed my ancestors page to something in the style of a Pedigree Chart. It starts from myself and siblings on the left most side and indents back for each generation. My direct lines are in CAPITALS and BOLDED. The Paternal line is above each generation, and the maternal line below each generation. To help keep the levels, I have coloured each generation a similar colour and followed a modified rainbow pattern (red, orange, brown, olive, green, turquoise, blue, indigo and violet).

Where known, I have listed siblings of each generation and the known years of birth and death.

Future work will see descendant trees for the siblings. These will be linked in when available.

Much of the work is my own, with the exception of additional material on the Collins - Baker lines from a chart prepared by Jim Collins in 1990, which supplemented and expanded my work, and the Errey line was expanded from material in the book "Errey - Roots, Branches and Leaves" prepared by Neil Errey, 1982.

Level Counting: For each level, I am keeping some statistics - Level Number, Description, Number of Ancestors identified /Total and the total number of people at each level, which includes siblings. For some generations there is a figure like 11+3/16, which means we know the full name of 11, but not the full name of three. This usually means that I do not know the maiden name of certain women.

Contact Information
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