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Setiathome Problem Page

This page is just to put online a hardware table to try and work out why setiathome will run on some of my machines and not on others.

Current thought is that it is a hardware problem as this is the only consistent factor (teatree). I have installed different versions of linux on the same hardware, but still setiathome will not run.

The problem manifests itself as a failure to download. Downloading just stops. On the very rare occassions that a download completes, the data is processed okay and sent back and a new download attempted.

Proxy: Using proxy makes no difference to the problem. Interesting comment from my ISP (upstream) in that he tried setiathome and had similar problems, so much so that he gave up on it. I'm currently clarifying with him if this was on a linux box.

My boxes are all on woa.com.au (192.168.*.*) and use ipfwadm to go into npgx.com.au, when then goes into ozemail.com.au, etc.

eagleYesRH5.0RTL8129P100Gigabyte 586ATS64MbIDE
cicadaYesCOL1.3RTL8029P200Soltek SL-54P2/P564MbSCSI
owlNoRH6.0RTL8029K6-2-450Asus P5A-B128MbSCSI
teatreeNoRH6.0RTL8129P133Gigabyte 586H128MbSCSI
teatreeNo RH6.0RTL8129P133Gigabyte 586H64MbSCSI
teatreeNoCOL2.3RTL8129P133Gigabyte 586H128MbSCSI
teatreeNoTL6.0RTL8129P133Gigabyte 586H128MbSCSI
bluewrenYesSuse6.0RTL8029486DX2/66OdAST Bravo???20MbIDE
owlNoSuse6.4RTL8129K6-2-450Asus P5A-B128MbIDE

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