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In January 2001, Computerbank NSW was offered a donation of old Sun Sparc computer hardware (10's, IPx, IPX, LX & Classic) from the CSIRO in Canberra. My involvement started when I offered to go to Canberra and transport the hardware to Sydney. There then followed a workshop day where we inspected the equipment and decided on its final fate.

As none of us had any Sparc experience, an ask around produced various bits of information and this list of URL's and other bits of information is the result.

Operating Systems

We received information that this hardware can variously run Solaris 2.x, Solaris 7, Solaris 8, Linux (Red Hat 6.2, Suse 7.0? and Debian 2.2.2) and OpenBSD 2.7 and NetBSD 1.4.2.

Running Solaris

We received the following information on which Sparc hardware would run which version of Solaris.

Solaris 8 will run on Sparc 10, Sparc LX and Sparc Classic

Solaris 7 can be run on the following models; Sparc IPX and Sparc IPC, but they will not run Solaris 8.

Sparc Linux Software on The WWW

Other Useful URLs

Spare Parts Sales

Sparc Linux Software on The WWW

The Mouse Pad

Save this as a file, the pass it through a postscript printer and you have a replacement for the Sparc mouse pad.

%% Sun 3 mouse pad
%% Copyright 1987, BeakSoft Inc.
%% All Rights Reserved
%% Permission is granted to copy and use this without charge 
%% as long as the copyright notices remain intact.

 90 rotate
 /ZapfChancery-MediumItalic findfont 24 scalefont setfont
 5 -40 moveto
 (This is a mouse pad.  It works!) show
 ( 1987, BeakSoft Inc.)
         stringwidth pop
         10.9 72 mul
             exch sub
         dup /copyr exch def
         -40 moveto
 /Symbol findfont 24 scalefont setfont
         stringwidth pop
         copyr exch sub
         -40 moveto

 .8 setlinewidth
 50 0 moveto
     { 2.4 0 rmoveto gsave 0 11 72 mul rlineto stroke grestore } repeat

 .6 setlinewidth
 50 0 moveto
 300 { 0 2.8 rmoveto gsave 8.5 72 mul 0 rlineto stroke grestore } repeat



Thanks to Rachael Polanski and Chris Collins for their information and URL's

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