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I am currently researching alternative for a mobile reuirement of 500AmpHrs at 12Volt. This just brings together some comparative battery figures in real life, practical batteries.

Type Parts Energy Density (WHr./Kg) Nominal Cell Voltage Charge Discharge Rates Life Cycles Rec. Max Discharge Cost (500 AmpHr @12V) Weight (Kg) Source
Deep discharge lead acid 30-402.0V 0.1C/?80050% $1,000 140Personal Purchases
Sealed Lead Acid2.0V50%$1,238170Jaycar
NiCd 40-601.2V C1,500 Old Tech now?
NiCd 50-1501.2V C1,500 Old Tech now?
NiMH 1.2V 0.1C/?1,000 $8,747 Jaycar
Li-Ion 160 3.6V 300-500172.8
Li-Ion?3.6V0.3C/3C50080%$14,30064Morley Parsons THDR series
Li-Poly (1)130-2003.7V17C $29,74639.5
Li-Poly (2)130-2003.7V25C $35,968 51

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