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Welcome to WOA Webcam Page

The links below contain graphics over 100Kb which may take some time to download.

Sorry, but there is only one working webcam at the moment. We seem to be having trouble with computer hardware being fried which makes it hard to keep cams working. Urban development and privatisation of electricity supply has created a very poor supply and we are loosing gear.

The Original YARDCAM

115K 320x240 colour image of my Gum Tree during Australian eastern daylight hours.

Updates every 90 seconds.

The Adventures of the TuxBoys

304K, 640x320 mono image that is a manually taken image as part of a rabid story that wanders everywhere as the mood takes me.

Sprout Cam

A Summer 2000 (Southern Hemisphere) play with something a bit more active. With current heat, these will mature (be eaten) within a week. 304K, 640x320 colour image.

Updates eaten {:-) New apparatus being constructed

Archive Pages

Sizzle Cam - we minded a dog for someone caught without a minder at very short nice. NO!, we do not provide a dog minding service.

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