Wombat Outdoor Adventures

Blue Mountains Bicycle Guide

by Jim Smith and Lida Szabunia

Cartoons by Phil Somerville

Book cover in 256 colours

The original guide was published by Jim Smith himself in 1980 and its limited print run sold well and quickly filled a need to provide a bicycle guide to this popular, recreation area of NSW, Australia.

It then languished out of print, until Bicycle Australia, the national bicycle touring association, approached Jim about republishing it. That idea languished for a while as Bicycle Australia was a not-for-profit association that ran on the smell of an oily rag, to borrow an inappropriate phrase for bicyclists, and did not have sufficent funds.

Eventually, during a period of dormancy of Bicycle Australia, Terry Collins, one of the partners of Wombat Outdoor Adventures, having been unsuccessful in seeing it reprinted by Bicycle Australia, decided that it would probably be a good thing to see it back in print and managed to convince his other partner, that if not as a money making exercise, it was a good idea for the common good.

Lida Szabunia was then reriding all the guide routes as part of the rides program of the Blue Mountains Bicycle Group and updating the notes. So the role of co-author of the revised edition fell onto her shoulders.

Phil Somerville was then a fresh, new and vitally important - virtually unknown cartoonist, who also rode bicycles and knew all the other characters involved in this little story and so willingly agreed to design the cover and provide a few of his cartoons so that if it didn't sell as a bicycle touring book, it might someday achieve great worth as a collection of his early cartoons. He also expressed dissatisfaction with the way the computer was laying out the pages and promptly relaid everything and provided little fill in sketches. Unfortunately he mucked up the index to his cartoons (page 85), so you sometimes have to fiddle around to find them.

Finally, in 1991, the second edition was printed and distributed through out Sydney, the Blue Mountains and further places afoot until it finally went out of print again in 1999. Work is slowly progressing on the third edition.

If you would like to see a full size copy of the cover, we have provided two images that you can download. The 256 colour image is 48K in size and is good if you are in a hurry. 256 colours means that your require at least a 1Mb video card to view it. The full colour image is 248K in size and may take some time.

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