Wombat Outdoor Adventures

Printing and Publishing

Fairly simple as to what we do - computer printing and publishing. From a simple, single page up to offset printed books. However, we do not do four colour work.

If you are after a simple brochure or phamplet that can be laser printed, then we would be happy to quote on your order. All this work is strictly COD.

We also publish and distribute books in selected fields - mainly bicycling and other outdoor activites. We would be happy to talk to you about your book, if you wish. However, we do not do advances to authors, not expect you or we will ever retire on the proceeds.

As well as the internally produced booklets produced on laser printers, we also use external offset printers for covers and internal pages.

Some of our work is below;

The Blue Mountains: A guide for bicyclists.

Blue Mountains Bicycle Guide, 2nd edition - currently out of print.

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