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WOACS is able to provide and support a variety of file servers for your business or other need.

These include;

Linux Servers; In their own right, they are only of use for other unix workstations and PC's with specialist client software, but configured for one of the uses below, they are a very powerful server.

Samba Server; How would you like to replace your unreliable NT server with a powerful, reliable server?

If so, then you need a Samba Server. Easily able to act as a server to MS windows PCs and workstations, this server can run in peer, workgroup or domain mode.

Linux Netware Server: Caldera have available a package that allows a Linux Server to act as either a bindery (Netware 3.2) or a NDS (Netware 4.11) server.

Novell Netware Server: Looking for a genuine Novell Netware Server? WOACS would be happy to provide and install this server for you as well.

Linux Backup Server: Unlesh the power of a high performance backup server. Enterprise backups are possible on a Linux server from a number of clients, including NT workstations and servers, Win95/98 and Novell Netware Servers.

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